Mixberry Media brings a new approach to digital audio advertising on mobile and web.

Mixberry Media’s global digital ad network allows advertisers to reach their target audience in real-time with video, audio, native and rich media ads. Our advanced ad delivery technology gives advertisers an opportunity to better communicate with targeted audiences at captured moments of user engagement and attention.

Video, Native and Rich Media Ads

Full service ad management and Trading desks/RTB integrations.

Ad Formats

  • Out-Stream video with companion banners
  • Native video ads
  • IAB VAST 3.0 & VPAID 2.0

Ad Level Targeting
Ads are delivered through audio enabled mobile apps and web sites serving streaming audio, video and gaming. Some of our targeting parameters include:

  • Geo-Location based on region, country, city, state, zip/postal code
  • Date & Time range
  • Application or Web Site Category
  • App category such as music, sports, news, etc.