Guaranteed Ad Delivery with User’s Full Attention

Mixberry Media is a global digita ad network that supports targeted ads rich media HTML5 ads. Advertisers will capture user attention by delivering ads in real-time while the application is loading and the user is expecting an audio output. Our revolutionary technique in delivering dynamic, targeted ads enables advertisers to reach their target audience easily and effectively.

Advantages and Differentiation

  • Capitalize on user captured attention
  • Non intrusive ads creating positive brand acceptance
  • Real-time targeted ad delivery
  • Assured delivery — Don’t pay for “impressions” that are not seen or heard
  • No guessing on ROI

Campaign Creation, Optimization and Management

Our intuitive self-serve portal allows for easy and efficient creation, management, monitoring and editing of ads and campaigns, saving a significant amount of time and money. Features include:

  • Ad level targeting to help maximize ROI
  • Define ad campaigns and maximum daily budgets
  • Define ad verification URL (clear pixel ad beacon)