Agencies and Media Buyers

Highest ROI results with audio-banner ads

Mixberry Media strives to keep you and your clients ahead of the game in this fast-paced technology driven world. Mixberry’s revolutionary ad technology and service provides you with an easy-to-use platform to help create, manage, and monitor all digital audio ad campaigns. The Mixberry global network provides access to a variety of mobile and web users globally, with precise targeting.

Guaranteed Ad Delivery with User’s Full Attention

Modern mobile devices are ideal for human voice interaction. Mixberry Media capitalizes on this, revolutionizing the way the world advertises, by providing short Audio Ads during app idle time, while the user’s attention is fully engaged. By capitalizing on these strategic moments, advertisers can deliver messages that are non-intrusive, thus keeping the user experience high and the brand reaction positive. You will reach a highly engaged audience while they are listening, guaranteeing they hear what you have to say.

Features include:

  • Measurable ROI (Actual data – no estimating)
  • Ad level targeting to help maximize ROI
  • Advanced analytics for campaign optimization
  • Define ad campaigns and maximum daily budgets
  • Upload and manage audio files and companion banners. Audio ads can be up to 30 seconds
  • Define ad verification URL (clear pixel ad beacon)

Media Buyers

Mixberry Media offers its agency partners the tools to create ad campaigns online and track activities. This includes real-time monitoring along with tabular and graphical reports to manage, analyze, and evaluate campaign effectiveness, cost, revenue, and results.

Audio Ad Rates (CPM)

  • Audio ad rates vary greatly depending on many factors including:
  • Country and demographic targeting
  • Campaign timing and duration
  • Advanced targeting parameters
  • Premium app targeting

When creating a campaign within the advertiser portal, rates are displayed as a guide for average pricing for the specific campaign parameters.

Publisher Targeting Categories

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