Highest Return on Investment using audio ads with syncronized companion banners

Campaign Creation, Optimization and Management

Our intuitive self-serve portal allows for easy and efficient creation, management, monitoring and editing of ads and campaigns, saving a significant amount of time and money.

Guaranteed & Effective Ad Delivery

Effective Ads

  • Our ads range in length, up to 30 seconds, giving advertisers the ability to choose appropriate lengths, promoting positive brand acceptance.
  • Extensive global targeting parameters for accurate reach.

Guaranteed – Delivered & Heard

  • Ads are generally heard while the user is waiting for audio or video content.

Measurable ROI

  • Real time reporting.
  • Actual data – no estimating

Mixberry Media’s ROI Sample Data

Mixberry Media’s average CTR = 2.2% vs. 0.19% average CTR in the MENA region*

Advertiser CTR Advertiser CTR
roi-calgarden 1.93% roi-kk 1.78%
roi-pizzahut 2.75% roi-hardees 1.67%
roi-etisalat 1.92% roi-mobily 1.84%
roi-wataniya 3.21% roi-visitjordan 2.29%

Mixberry Audio with companion banner vs. banner only

The Mixberry Advantage

  • Less intrusive: ads are delivered during user transition moments (dead-time).
  • Captures user focused attention and engagement.
  • Assured delivery of the ad.
  • Shorter ads capitalizing on “Focused Attention” – better brand awareness.
  • Ad-level targeting – each ad within a campaign has unique targeting.
  • Companion pop-up banner option.
  • Competitive and cost effective ad prices, guaranteeing higher ROI.
  • Real-time monitoring, editing, and campaign reporting.

The Audio Advertising Advantage

Online and Broadcast Radio advertising response rates increase 2x – 3.5x among consumers who also listen to Internet Radio. Interactive companion banners give users the option to respond to the ad, providing advertisers with ROI and CTR data.

Actions that US Online Radio Listeners* vs. Internet Users Have Taken After Hearing Online Radio Ads

*Listen to 1+ hour of online radio per week –