Video SDK for Android

Developer Guide - Mixberry Media/SmartAd

1. Introduction

The Mixberry Media – SmartAd SDK is a light client library that handles the communications publisher application and the video ad servers, providing the functionality to request targeted streamed video ads in real-time.

2. Compatibility

This library requires android 4.2 or later.

3. Getting Started:

Register as a Publisher

In order to implement video ad service for your application, you need to register as a “Publisher” at:

Define your Application

Start by defining your android application name, description and category. Your application request would then await review and approval by Mixberry Media.

Obtain your Credentials

Upon your application approval, we will provide you with the following:

Download the Display SDK

Download the android Display SDK from the following URL:

Library Installation Guide

For full Installation guide of how to set up the SDK on the applications please refer to the following URL:

Installation Guide Getting Started

4. Integration

To start integrating the application with the display SDK, please refer to the following URL:

Android Display SDK – Getting Started

This URL demonstrates how to initialize the SDK with the site ID and the base URL, also describe a quick overview of the SDK structure.

To display video banner ads (video is presented inside a banner view) or video interstitial ads  (video is presented as full screen view) please refer to the following URLs:

Video banner ads:
Video Banner Ads – Basic Implementations

Video interstitial ads:
Video Interstitial Ads – Basic Implementations

The application can track the ad loading status (failed, loaded)  By implementing the handler methods on AdResponseHandler interface.

5. Advanced Integration

In some situations publisher might need to do more logic to the ad to suite their applications, the following are some links that will help the publisher to integrate the video ads easily and efficiently.